Stalled animals benefit greatly from a healthy living environment.  Animal Life Plus products help to achieve this in a few simple steps.

Animal Life Plus products contain 100% natural, safe,  bacteria that break down organic waste and convert it into safe and odorless end products.

It begins with a simple cleaning of the stable walls and floors with Animal Life Plus Cleaner. Next, the automatic spray system with Animal Life PlusSpray takes over.

The many possibilities that nature offers for cleaning and grooming animals are still developing. In addition to a fresh, clean stable, our users report many other benefits.

Instead of tackling dust and stench problems further down the chain, our products challenge the problems directly at the source. In addition, the concept is durable, very energy efficient, applicable at every location and it helps you improve your operating profits.

Our products do not disinfect.

At any given time when the stable is empty, it may be needed to create, by means of a thorough cleaning followed by the proper disinfection method, a new 'zero situation' for future animals.

Next you can introduce the Animal Life Plus concept for a safe and animal friendly continuation of your natural approach.